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Dan Spainhour's Game Changing Journal

  Game Changing--Dan Spainhour's Weekly Journal We wanted to let you know about Game Changing , a weekly journal from Dan Spainhour. Each week Dan shares some of his unique perspectives on assorted topics. Along with quotes, articles and photos, Dan will even share some of the lyrics/poems he has written throughout his long and distinguished career. In fact, readers who know Dan may see a very different side of him as he shares his reflective thinking that has benefited him throughout his life. Evolving is a term Dan uses frequently and this Game Changing journal is a part of that evolution. We believe that as he shares his processes of expansion there are valuable lessons we can all learn.

In The August 2023 Issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal

Q & A with Kevin O’Sullivan, Florida Baseball Here is some of what the top leaders in athletics and education are reading about this month in  The Coaching and Leadership Journal.   The good, the bad, the ugly—Vince McMahon Spirit means business Q & A with Kevin O’Sullivan, Florida Baseball Lessons we all can learn from Bob Dylan In their words—Lonni Alameda, Florida State softball Hard facts in coaching Leaders can learn from Paulie Walnuts Where have all the leaders gone? Magical questions  Coaching corner—Seattle Mariners mental skills coach Stephanie Hale-Burkhart  What it takes to win a championship “Sports are supposed to be fun”—Steve Pikiell Laws of manipulation And Much More! Since its inception, the journal has been edited by  Dan Spainhour , who has more than 40 years of college and high school coaching experience. He has received numerous awards during his coaching career, including three state championships and twenty-one coach of the year honors. His teams have co

Reinvention by Dan Spainhour

 The following appeared on Medium.  Subscribe here to receive an email whenever Dan Spainhour publishes. I wrote these lyrics as I was going through the decision-making process of “evolving” into a life past coaching.--Dan Been on the path for so long Hoping to be right but feeling it may be wrong All the while building the persona Being in the crowd but feeling like a loner Looking back maybe I was where I was meant to be But I was feeling trapped longing to be free I truly believed I was following a higher call What I want shouldn’t matter, I was helping others after all But when my eyes opened, and I began to see I was too concerned with who did I know and who knew me Just trying to build a reputation and collect accolades Hoping to impress others so one day I’ll be made Day by day, game by game Building an image that had to remain the same What will they think, what will they say If I simply walk away Away from the game, away from the attention Toward who I am; a total reinvention

2022 Back Issues of The Coaching and Leadership Journal Are Now Available

  The Coaching and Leadership Journal Archive Issues Get all 12 digital issues (PDF) from 2022. This lasting material is a terrific resource and makes a great addition to your professional library. Great for current subscribers, past subscribers or anyone wanting to have a full year’s worth of our motivating leadership reports.  ​Get all 12 for only $50​ You will receive an email with the 12 issues after checkout. Want issues from previous years? Email us 

National Sports Media Association Awards Weekend & National Convention Will Include The Coaching and Leadership Journal

  The Coaching and Leadership Journal will be included in this year's 63rd NSMA Awards Weekend & National Convention. Our highly acclaimed journal will be included in the packages given to the award winners as well as some of the attendees.  This year's event, held June 24-26 in Winston-Salem, NC, will honor Hall of Fame inductees (Lee Corso, Dan Kelly, Roger Angell, Bill Plaschke), 2022 National Sportscaster (Ian Eagle) and Sportswriters (Pete Thamel, Ken Rosenthal) of the Year, 2022 State Sportscasters and Sportswriters of the Year from 49 states plus DC; as well as the Roone Arledge Award for Innovation, Woody Durham Voice of College Sports Award (Rich Chvotkin), the Jim Nantz College Sportscaster of the Year, the 2022 Young Reporter of the Year, 2022 Sideline Reporter of the Year, 2022 Best Sports Book, 2022 Best Sports Documentary, and the 2022-23 Big House Gaines College Basketball Coaches of the Year for Division One and Division Two. "I am grateful to Executi

A Memo From Dan

  As many of you know, I was publishing a monthly journal, writing books, and newsletters long before I “evolved” from coaching. When I “retired” from coaching after 38 years I tried to make it clear that I wasn’t retiring; instead, I, like life itself, was evolving. Writing in coffee shops wherever life takes me is how I spend most mornings these days. I believe that nothing is of value unless it is authentic. My writings these days are as authentic as it gets. For many, this glimpse into my evolving self has been difficult to comprehend. They see me as I was; not as who I am. But I have adjusted to this as my paradigm has continued to evolve. In my writings I am revealing some of the most intimate experiences of my life and I’m making a stand for some very compelling principles. I realize that this may make it difficult for the old me and the new me to coexist. But just as my early days saw a yearning for the “coach” in me to manifest; these days, the yearning has transitioned to th

In the June 2023 Issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal

  What Generation Z wants in a leader Along with learning what Generation Z is looking for in a leader, top athletic and education leaders will be reading about the following topics in the June 2023 issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal: Are phones ruining vacations? Leadership tips from Jon Gordon The who, what and where of gaslighting Checklist for gaslighting leaders Coaching Corner—Rand Pecknold, Quinnipiac Hockey Colorful Kim Mulkey wins another title Father Ed’s take on Danny Hurley A different era Is it time to drop the idea of “best-friends? Toxic shame Sam Bennett's motivating words Unique loneliness And More! About the journal In this age of millions of daily updates and billions of web pages, how do busy leaders allocate their scarce resources of time to read inspiring and educational leadership material? Our journal is a monthly source of leadership ideas and techniques compiled and written specifically for leaders. Dan Spainhour and his team of experts dive thr