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In The August 2023 Issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal

Q & A with Kevin O’Sullivan, Florida Baseball

Here is some of what the top leaders in athletics and education are reading about this month in The Coaching and Leadership Journal. 

  • The good, the bad, the ugly—Vince McMahon
  • Spirit means business
  • Q & A with Kevin O’Sullivan, Florida Baseball
  • Lessons we all can learn from Bob Dylan
  • In their words—Lonni Alameda, Florida State softball
  • Hard facts in coaching
  • Leaders can learn from Paulie Walnuts
  • Where have all the leaders gone?
  • Magical questions 
  • Coaching corner—Seattle Mariners mental skills coach Stephanie Hale-Burkhart 
  • What it takes to win a championship
  • “Sports are supposed to be fun”—Steve Pikiell
  • Laws of manipulation
  • And Much More!
Since its inception, the journal has been edited by Dan Spainhour, who has more than 40 years of college and high school coaching experience. He has received numerous awards during his coaching career, including three state championships and twenty-one coach of the year honors. His teams have collected more than 500 victories. Under his auspices, each issue delivers thought-provoking and inspirational articles. 

The Journal's subscriber list includes coaches from every college sport as well as numerous athletic administrators on both the collegiate and high school levels. 

Join our growing list of subscribers. A few of our recent subscribers & renewals include:
  • Nan Carney-DeBord, Athletic Director Denison University
  • Kelvin Sampson, University of Houston Basketball
  • Mike Candrea, Arizona Softball, Gold Medal Winner
  • Jerry York, Boston College Men’s Hockey (first NCAA hockey coach to 1,000 wins)
  • Frank Martin, University of Massachusetts Men’s Basketball
  • High Point University Men’s Basketball, Former NCAA Champion
  • Kenneth White, Georgetown University Strength Coach
  • Clemson Women's Soccer
  • Washington Spirit Professional Soccer Club
  • Ryan Wellner, Notre Dame Lacrosse
  • Frank Lenti (the winningest prep football coach in Illinois history)
  • And many more!
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