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Just Released--Another Season In Words by Dan Spainhour


Updated version of Dan Spainhour's best-selling A Season In Words

​Dan Spainhour on his new edition:

Like most coaches I really like quotes. I think they can be a powerful motivational tool for players. I published A Season In Words in 2004. The book was my attempt to take you through your season and provide you with motivational quotes for situations as they arise. There are hundreds of thousands of quote books, and many are targeted to coaches. However, they were not organized as the season is organized. The original Season in Words became a big hit with coaches.

In 2020, I “evolved” from coaching and began to focus more on my company which now includes our monthly Coaching and Leadership Journal. In a conversation with my coaching friend Stan Jones, Associate Head Coach for Florida State Basketball, he asked me what I’ve been up to since I retired from coaching. I told him a few of the things I was doing including organizing our annual Coaching and Leadership Summit.

He said, “I thought you’d have a new Season In Words book out by now.” That got me thinking. I went through the original book and even though many quotes are timeless, there were some like all things that had become outdated. I decided I would keep some of the old while including some new quotes I have added to my files since the earlier publication. I decided to keep the same format and chapters/files because the feedback I got about the layout was incredibly positive.

I hope you can find some words from this new edition that will not only make you a better coach but also an even better person.

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