What Top Leaders Are Reading About In The September 2022 Issue Of The Coaching and Leadership Journal

Patty Gasso's championship secret

Along with leadership lessons from Oklahoma's softball coach and NCAA Champions Patty Gasso, top leaders in athletics and education will be reading about the following topics in the September 2022 issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal.
  • Jackie Kennedy’s PR masterclass
  • Steve Kerr’s core values
  • Discipline is better than punishment
  • Patty Gasso's championship secret
  • Leadership philosophy—Sir Alex Ferguson
  • Coaching profile—Jon Cooper 
  • Leadership lessons from Top Gun: Maverick
  • Title IX—50 years later
  • Their thoughts—Geno Auriemma
  • The expectation effect
  • The Warriors can teach us about leadership
  • Glue guys and girls
  • Things inexperienced leaders should do
  • And Much More!
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