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What Top Leaders Are Reading About In The September 2022 Issue Of The Coaching and Leadership Journal

Patty Gasso's championship secret Along with leadership lessons from Oklahoma's softball coach and NCAA Champions Patty Gasso, top leaders in athletics and education will be reading about the following topics in the September 2022 issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal. Jackie Kennedy’s PR masterclass Steve Kerr’s core values Discipline is better than punishment Patty Gasso's championship secret Leadership philosophy—Sir Alex Ferguson Coaching profile—Jon Cooper  Leadership lessons from Top Gun: Maverick Title IX—50 years later Their thoughts—Geno Auriemma The expectation effect The Warriors can teach us about leadership Glue guys and girls Things inexperienced leaders should do And Much More! About the journal In this age of millions of daily updates and billions of web pages, how do busy leaders allocate their scarce resources of time to read inspiring and educational leadership material? Our journal is a monthly source of leadership ideas and techniques compiled an

Dan Spainhour's Game Changing Weekly Journal

  The following is an excerpt from an article from Dan Spainhour's latest venture-- Game Changing: Changing The Way You Look At Things So The Things You Look At Will Change. Watch For Those Who Want To Keep You "Small" Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great. – Mark Twain To get past ordinary you need people in your life that are real supporters and not those who only support their own agenda. So many times, people want to keep the people around them small because of the fear of losing them. Often these are the people closest to them--spouses, parents, and friends. Those who we love and those who profess their love for us.  Everyone comes at the world from their own viewpoint--even those most well-intended, those who “love” us. And from these points of view, they see us playing the role they want us to play in their movie. Sign up to read the entire article. A

CLJ Summit Dates Announced

  The Leadership Publishing Team is pleased to announce the dates for the inaugural Coaching and Leadership Summit hosted by  The Coaching and Leadership Journal.  The three-day event will be held in Coconut Grove, Miami April 13-15th.  Final details are nearly complete and will follow very soon. This special event will have limited seating available. To get on the presale/ information list please sign up below. We look forward to seeing you in Miami in April 2023! Dan Spainhour Loading…

Meet Wanda Briley--A Long Time Coaching and Leadership Subscriber

  Portions of the following were adapted from For Wanda Briley, it’s not about the awards. Perhaps that’s why she removed the nameplates from nearly all of her sports trophies and donated them to a high school that couldn’t afford to purchase awards for its athletes.  It was the high value Briley placed on the essence of teamwork that led her into coaching after graduation from USC. She enjoyed head basketball coaching jobs at High Point, Wake Forest and Winthrop, amassing a career record of 150-26. A highlight was when her 1978 High Point squad won the AIAW Division II national championship in Briley’s first season as a head coach. She was 25.  She knew in high school that she wanted to be a basketball coach, a dream that turned into reality when she accepted the assistant coaching position at Appalachian State University. After two seasons, she moved onto High Point, and after much success there, she was hired as the head coach at Wake Forest, where she was given t