Friday, April 26, 2019

Volume Two Of The Coaching and Leadership Journal Is Now Available

This hardcover volume will make the perfect addition to your professional library!
The Leadership Publishing Team is pleased to announce that Volume Two of The Coaching and Leadership Journal is now available. This volume contains all of the 2014 issues of our highly acclaimed journal.

Half of knowledge, is knowing where to find knowledge. 

The purpose of the Journal is to provide ideas and insights to people who are passionate about leading and to provide it in a quick and easy-to-read format. The Coaching & Leadership Journal now serves leaders from all fields. Our journal publishes article summaries that pertain to both leadership theory and insights from top leaders in all professions. Like a monthly debriefing, our journal allows you to get valuable information without having to waste time searching for it. You'll refer to it again and again. It is not just a journal but a valuable resource.

Lasting material

Good information is like a fine wine--it gets better with age. We guarantee you will find information that will make you a better letter.  Great leaders are life-long learners and readers. Add to your library today!

Volume Two--2014 Back Issues
Only $99 for all 12 back issues

Prefer a digital copy?

Want both the book and the download?

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