Friday, March 16, 2018

Dan Spainhour's Interview Is Now On Itunes

Dan Spainhour
Dan Spainhour, Founder of The Leadership Publishing Team, joined Andrew Marotta of Education Leadership and Beyond; Surviving and Thriving a few weeks ago.The podcast is now available through Itunes and can be listened to for free.

Andrew Marotta of Education Leadership and Beyond
Be sure to subscribe to  Education Leadership and Beyond on itunes. Each episode, Marotta discusses the best practices of leadership, education, and how to thrive in your leadership positions. He brings on guests and leaders to talk about their methods to succeeding in the world. Andrew brings points of wisdom, practical tips, and relatable stories. He has an impressive list of guests including best selling author John Feinstein and former ACC's coordinator of officials John Cloughtery.

The Coaching & Leadership Journal 
Written specifically for busy leaders, the Coaching and Leadership Journal gives you the latest strategies in a concise, quick-read format.

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