Friday, November 1, 2019

Their thoughts— Dave Hart in the November 2019 CLJ Issue

When people from within the athletics industry, including peers in athletics administration, coaches, television executives, NCAA staff, conference commissioners and post season football bowl directors, are asked to describe Dave Hart in one word, there is commonality in their responses. The words that are most used to best embody his sphere of influence nationally during his decorated career of nearly 35 years in college athletics administration are: Leader, Class, Core Values, Respect, Presence and Visionary.

As a former student-athlete, coach and athletics director, he has seen the industry evolve from all three perspectives. Dave served in a leadership position within the athletics department of four major universities: East Carolina University, Director of Athletics; Florida State University, Director of Athletics; University of Alabama, Executive Director of Athletics; and most recently as the University of Tennessee, Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics. Dave is currently the Founder and President of Athletics Legacy Partners where he focuses on helping others in the world of collegiate athletics develop student-athlete centered programs.

Along with Dave, you will also find much more in the November 2019 issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal including:

  • George Eliot’s life lessons 
  • Learning from millionaire leaders
  • A fundamental skill for all leaders
  • Do. Or do not. There is no try
  • It’s time to get positive when adversity strikes
  • Jim Rohn’s top 7 books
  • Learning from the Varsity Blues scandal
  • Thanksgiving teamwork
  • Are you wasting your life?
  • Self-confidence or arrogance? 
  • And More!

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