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Meet Frank Martin, A Coaching & Leadership Journal Subscriber

Frank Martin was named the head men's basketball coach at the University of South Carolina on March 27, 2012, becoming the 32nd head coach in the history of the South Carolina program.Martin was named the 2017 Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year after leading the Gamecocks to the best season in school history, as the squad advanced to the program's first Final Four and recorded a school record 26 wins The 2016-17 campaign would go on to be the best season in school history, as the Gamecocks set a school record with 26 wins, advanced to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2004, posted the first program win in the NCAA Tournament since 1973, and advanced to the school's first-ever Final Four, falling by just four points, 77-73, to Gonzaga in the national semifinals in Phoenix. Dan, I love your newsletter. Thank you!!— Frank Martin, Head Coach University of South Carolina Men’s Basketball We are proud and honored to have Coach Martin and South Carolina bas

Updated Version Of Coaching Affirmations Is Released

The Leadership Publishing Team has released an updated version of Coaching Affirmations: A Coach’s Guide to Improving Individual Performance. Originally published in 2010, the book is full of positive affirmations  compiled exclusively for coaches and athletes to help you always be at your best. An affirmation can create an attitude of “I can do this!” The mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. And all coaches know the relationship of mental to physical performance. As Bob Knight says, “Mental is to physical as four is to one.” The book is compiled by Dan Spainhour, author of many coaching and leadership books including the well respected A Season In Words and contains easy to use affirmations that can be used by athletes and coaches alike. Order your copy today!   Print Edition $14.95 Instant Download $9. 9 9 Get Both The Print and Download Editions $19.99 More Information

The Leadership Publishing Team Releases Volume One—2103 Back Issues of The Coaching and Leadership Journal

​ The Leadership Publishing Team is pleased to announce that Volume One—2103 Back Issues of The Coaching and Leadership Journal is now available. This lasting material is a terrific resource and will be a great addition to your professional library. Whether you are subscriber or are new to our journal and simply want to have a full year’s worth of our motivating leadership reports all in one place, you can now order the entire 2013 season. About The Journal The Coaching and Leadership Journal was created in 2011 by Dan Spainhour, founder of The Leadership Publishing Team. Spainhour, a career athletic professional, wanted to provide coaches and athletic administrators a valuable leadership resource with pertinent information that was easy to read. Understanding that athletic professionals always seem to be pressed for time, Spainhour undertook the project to give the busy leader just what they need. Each month, Spainhour uses his experience to scour the internet, books, magazin

Coming In The November 2017 Issue Of The Coaching And Leadership Journal

Here is some of what you will find in the November 2017 Issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal: Their thoughts—Craig Littlepage Valuable lessons from last November Championship advice from Bishop Hartley High School’s Brad Burchfield Don’t let perfectionism get in your way The butterfly effect Lou Holtz's rules for winning the day  Open-minded principles  The no asshole rule Potential pitfalls My transition from assistant coach to head coach Staying informed without getting negative Cut the shallow work And Much More! Join our growing list of subscribers. A few of our recent subscribers & renewals include : Frank Martin, University of South Carolina Basketball Tubby Smith, University of Memphis Basketball Mark Krikorian, Florida State Women’s Soccer  Suzy Merchant, Michigan State Women’s Basketball David Metzbower, University of North Carolina Lacrosse Tom Curle, SUNY Plattsburgh Men's Basketball Coach Jerry York, Boston College Men’s H

The Coaching and Leadership Journal Enters Its Sixth Year And Continues To Grow

The Leadership Publishing Team announced this week that their monthly journal, The Coaching and Leadership Journal  (CLJ) will continue into its 7th year. The Journal was founded in August of 2011 and published its first issue in August 2012. At that time, Dan Spainhour, founder of the Leadership Publishing Team and curator of the journal said, “I am so excited about the Coaching and Leadership Journal. I believe this monthly journal is just what the busy leader needs. There is so much information out there and it can be so time consuming trying to find it. Coaches don’t have time to read blogs, and other material that can provide some really great information. Our journal allows them to get the information they need without having to waste time searching for it. I believe the top people in any profession never stop learning and that is the main objective of this journal--provide coaches and leaders the means to learn without having to waste their valuable time.” The Journal&