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A Season In Words by Dan Spainhour

  A Season In Words: A Coach's Guide To Motivation From The Preseason To The Postseason © ​Contains Over 2000 Quotes For Coaches Of All Sports by Dan Spainhour Product Details:  Paperback; 154 pages  ISBN: 978-1461187592 About The Book  Easily find quotes that cover an exact moment of your season—whether it’s during practice, preparing for the big game or building confidence after a loss. Brilliantly organized into 14 files according to your season—not by generic topics. Dan Spainhour shares his quotes from over 30 years of coaching experience. The book is separated in files representing Spainhour's organization system used to collect quotes and motivational sayings throughout his career. You will find more than 2000 opinions, insights, and wits of wisdom to motivate your team and help you stay competitive. It will be your go-to resource season after season!   The Files:    The Preseason/Individual Improvement The Beginning & Practice Quotes  Team Formation Before A Game A

Coming In The December 2021 Issue Of The Coaching and Leadership Journal

Leadership tips from Carol Hutchins—Michigan Softball Here are some of the things our subscribers will be reading about in the December 2021 issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal: Leadership lessons from the Wright Brothers Leadership tips from Carol Hutchins—Michigan Softball Q & A with master teacher Diane Ravitch Learning from the firing of a national champion Their thoughts—Caryl Smith Gilbert, Georgia Track & Field Dealing with criticism Lessons to be learned from Gruden’s downfall Lessons from managing The Rolling Stones Coaching corner with world series champion Brian Snitker The good and bad of decision making Colin Powell’s 13 rules to live by And Much More!

Thank You Frank Martin and South Carolina Basketball

South Carolina Head Basketball Coach Frank Martin renewed his subscription to The Coaching and Leadership Journal last month.  Coach Martin has been a subscriber for over five years.   I remember Coach Frank Martin when he was a high school coach in Miami and I was working on the basketball staff at the University of Miami. Coach Martin would come and watch our practices every chance he got. He is a dedicated coach who always wanted to learn and one who cares very deeply for those around him. I am honored all of these years later that one of the ways he continues his learning  is through our journal. I am so proud to have him on our team of subscribers. --Dan Spainhour, The Coaching and Leadership Journal 

Coaching Corner With Mark Krikorian In This Month's Issue

Mark Krikorian, FSU Women's Soccer Coach Here are a few of the things your colleagues are be reading about this month's issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal : Troy Aikman—make the most of opportunities Leadership Tips from Russ Rose—Penn State volleyball Jimmy Johnson on creating great teams Sports has a Gen Z problem In Their words—Jimmy Johnson The 90/9/1 rule of social media Daniil Medvedev’s mental coach Coaching corner—Mark Krikorian, Florida State Women’s Soccer  The 4-E's of leadership Lessons from Ted Lasso Imagine turning 50 Leadership in times of crisis Chris Rock’s bad practices Book report—Cobra: A Life Of Baseball And Brotherhood And More! About The Journal The Coaching and Leadership Journal is in its ninth year of production. Started in the fall of 2011 by Dan Spainhour, the Journal is now being read by coaches, administrations and athletic professionals all across the country and even in Canada.  Our subscriber list includes some of the top