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Coming In The October 2021 Issue Of The Coaching and Leadership Journal

  Learning from Bobby Bowden’s words Here is some of what your colleagues will be reading about in the October 2021 issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal: Thomas Edison—the good and the bad Daniel Pink on money and motivation Key lessons from the Tokyo Olympics Learning from Bobby Bowden’s words  Their thoughts—Tara Van Derveer Mental health reflections Leadership lessons from The Sopranos Building your field of dreams Coaching corner with Dawn Staley Mack Brown: Embrace change Lionel Messi’s leadership lessons A new generation of parents Squeaky wheels Allow others to find their own path And More Not all readers become leaders but all leaders must be readers! The purpose of the Journal is to provide ideas and insights to people who are passionate about leading and to provide it in a quick and easy-to-read format.  The Coaching & Leadership Journal now serves leaders from all fields. Our journal publishes article summaries that pertain to both leadership theory and insights

Meet Andrew Marotta--A Coaching & Leadership Journal Subscriber and Advocate

Andrew Marotta  Andrew Marotta is an energetic and enthusiastic leader who leaves his positive imprint on people in so many ways. He is the author of three terrific books: The Principal: Surviving & Thriving ;  The School Leader Surviving and Thriving;   The Partnership: Surviving & Thriving: 130 Stories, Strategies, and Practical Tips for Parents and Guardians to Build Positive Relationships with Schools and Support Their Children He has been the leader at Port Jervis High School for thirteen years serving as Assistant Principal for seven years and now Principal for the last six. Andrew has led the transformation of PJHS helping raise the graduation rate from the low 60 percent to the mid to upper 80 percent. There is a positive change of mindset among staff and students directly related to Mr. Marotta’s leadership in and around the school. He is his logo: energy, enthusiasm, extra effort, striving for excellence all with heart! He also conducts his Surviving and Thriving Work

Thoughts From Duke's AD Nina King In The September 2021 Issue

  King was named athletic director at Duke University in May 2021   ​​Let us be your trusted source and leadership curator every month! We read everything. You get what matters! In this age of millions of daily updates and billions of web pages, how do busy leaders allocate their scarce resources of time to read inspiring and educational leadership material? Our journal is a monthly source of leadership ideas and techniques compiled and written specifically for leaders. Dan Spainhour and his team of experts dive through mountains of information and distill it down to its most relevant, essential parts. Thirty-seven years of experience allow us to bring our expertise to the subject matter.  From Founder and Editor Dan Spainhour: "In 2011, my 30th year in athletics, I started The Coaching & Leadership Journal. The basic premise behind my journal is that we are drowning in a never-ending stream of information, updates and it’s getting harder and harder to separate the noise from

Coaching Corner With Mike Budenholzer In The September 2021 CLJ Issue

  2021 NBA Champion Mike Budenholzer Learn about Mike Budenholzer's whiffle ball games and so much more in the September 2021 issue of the Coaching and Leadership Journal.