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In The April 2020 Issue Of The Coaching and Leadership Journal

Cathy Engelbert, WNBA commissioner  Leaders are readers! Here is some of what leaders all across the country will be reading about in the April 2020 issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal: Proverbs and the foolish leader The power of unrealistic goals Bill Belichick's 5 rules of exceptional leadership Their thoughts—Cathy Engelbert, WNBA commissioner  Mindful leadership Patrick Mahomes & the value of playing multisports  Lombardi—the master orator Sports can improve listening Control the rumor mill Brave leadership from the man called Gandhi The captain class quotes Leaders should "carry the luggage" The power of confrontation by Bill Parcells  And Much More! With your subscription you receive: The highly acclaimed Coaching and Leadership Journal delivered to your door.  Subscriber-only access to The Coaching and Leadership Journal website. Updated monthly, the site contains additional articles, motivational videos, pictures, and more.

Past Issues Of The Coaching and Leadership Journal Are Now Available

About The Coaching and Leadership Journal The purpose of the Journal is to provide ideas and insights to people who are passionate about leading and to provide it in a quick and easy-to-read format. The Coaching & Leadership Journal now serves leaders from all fields. Our journal publishes article summaries that pertain to both leadership theory and insights from top leaders in all professions. Like a monthly debriefing, our journal allows you to get valuable information without having to waste time searching for it. Now subscribers and non-subscribers alike can purchase any PRINT issue from our collection starting from 2013.  Our current subscriber list includes top coaches, administrators, and athletic programs from across the US and Canada. See for yourself why these high profile leaders love our journal.  Order now to receive print issue(s) of past editions.   More Information

Read About Derek Jeter’s Steps To Success In This Month's Issue Of The Coaching & Leadership Journal

Learn what Derek Jeter says are the steps to being successful in this month's issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal . Leaders are also reading about the following this month: Morgan Wootten’s lasting legacy How do I find balance in my life?  Kobe Bryant in his own words Ed Orgeron—Let them eat cake Power of differences 5 career lessons we can learn from Tom Brady Create momentum in your life In his own words—Dr. Jay Martin The intelligence of intuition 5 tips for the big game Play harder? And Much More! When you subscribe you will get: A one-year subscription to The Coaching and Leadership Journal (12 print issues). Access to The Coaching and Leadership Journal website. The digital version of the current issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal  Access to our weekly report The Team Leadership Report which includes timely and relevant coaching and leadership information as well as motivational stories. Strategies to motivate your team and staff. Q