Friday, December 22, 2017

Coming In The January 2018 Issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal

Here is some of what you will find in the January 2018 Issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal:
  • Lessons from the Great One--Wayne Gretzky
  • Their thoughts—Mark Richt, University of Miami football
  • Emotional markers of mental toughness
  • The loosest coach in America
  • Things responsible athletes do...
  • Things great coaches do...
  • Communication don’ts
  • Leadership is Forged in Crisis
  • Thinking like Einstein
  • Learning from General George McClellan’s weak leadership
  • Forming a Leadership coalition
  • And Much More! 
What a few of  our subscribers say…
  • Dan, I love your newsletter. Thank you!!— Frank Martin, Head Coach University of South Carolina Men’s Basketball
  • Thanks Dan….we are processing our renewal…Always enjoy reading the journal… --Brian Ostermann, Kansas State Women’s Basketball
  • The journey of learning never stops! This Journal is a great resource. Very appreciative! --Peter McGahey, Head Coach Central Michigan Women's Soccer
  • We absolutely love your Journal and plan on continuing our subscription for years to come!
    --Nathan Minion, Director of Operations, Florida State Women’s Soccer
  • Your journal is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Terrific resource for all leaders!—Andrew Marotta, Principal Port Jervis High School, New York
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Friday, December 8, 2017

Basketball Sense Magazine's Review of A Season In Words

Inevitably, every coach will hunger for the right words when trying to communicate with his team, especially in certain situations. Whether the situation is before a big game, after a loss, while overcoming adversity, or otherwise, articulating the right idea in words can be most important in the ongoing drive for success. There is always a need for saying the right thing at the right time.

In a departure from the norm, Dan Spainhour organized A Season in Words to correspond directly with how a sports season is played out, beginning to end. Similar to the teams he coached, nothing is lost to organization. This manual, filled with over 2000 opinions, insights, and wits of wisdom, provides a coach with quotes and motivational words for every conceivable situation or problem that could be confronted in a given season.

Spainhour collected these words throughout his 30-year coaching career. What were his sources? "Some read, some given, some heard and possibly some even made up."We all have seen numerous publications filled with motivational and inspiring quotes. A Season in Words separates itself from the others with the number and depth of its quotes and with the highly organized 14 situations that the manual focuses on.

A Season in Words is a practical tool that could aid any coach as he communicates with his team.

A Season In Words by Dan Spainhour

Friday, December 1, 2017

About A Season In Their Words

A Season In Their Words
Quotes From Coaches From The Preseason To The Postseason 

A follow-up to the best seller A Season In Words, Dan Spainhour has followed the same format except this time all of the quotes are from coaches! A terrific motivational tool for any coach at any level!

Includes quotes from coaches in the following files:

File One—The Preseason/Individual Improvement  

File Two—The Beginning & Practice Quotes

File Three—Team Formation & Team Chemistry

File Four—Before a Game

File Five—After a Win

File Six—After a Loss/Building Confidence

File Seven—Before a Big Game—The Rivalry Game

File Eight—When Your Team is Favored to Win

File Nine—When Your Team is the Underdog

File Ten—Overcoming Adversity 

File Eleven—Mid-Season Doldrums & Overcoming Slumps

File Twelve—Dealing With Problems 

File Thirteen—The Postseason

File Fourteen—The Season’s End

File Fifteen—Why Coach?