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Meet Our Founder, Dan Spainhour

Dan Spainhour has more than 34 years of high school and college coaching experience. He has received numerous awards during his coaching career, including three state championships and eighteen coach of the year honors. His teams have collected more than 500 victories and has won nearly 70% of his games. In 2008, Spainhour returned to high school coaching after serving as the director of basketball operations for Florida State University. At Florida State, Spainhour was involved in all phases of the day-to-day operations of the men's basketball office. He handled the on-campus recruiting, recruiting mailings, office and team fiscal matters, team travel, academic development, dining and housing contracts and served as the director of the annual Leonard Hamilton basketball camp for boys. He helped led the Seminoles to the quarterfinals of the National Invitational Tournament in 2005. He also coached at the University of Miami where he worked under current Florida State coach, Leo

Our History

In 2010 The Leadership Publishing Team merged with Educational Coaching & Business Communications. Educational Coaching & Business Communications was founded in 2003 by Dan Spainhour. After 20 years in high school and college athletics, Spainhour decided to write an informational guide on college recruiting for parents. His primary purpose behind the guidebook was to help parents through the recruiting process and help them give their child the best opportunity to win a college scholarship. He hoped to give out a few copies here and there and never really expected much more than that. However, the guide became a tremendous success. How To Get Your Child An Athletic Scholarship: The Parent's Ultimate Guide to Recruiting became one of the leading resources for parents of student-athletes and was featured in the 2010 Congressional Report as a recommended book on receiving athletic aid. With the tremendous success of How to Get Your Child an Athletic Scholarship , he becam

Who We Are

The Leadership Publishing Team specializes in informational guidebooks, newsletters and special reports for business leaders, athletes, coaches, educators, and parents. Our Winston-Salem, North Carolina based company is committed to providing quality information and personalized service. Our mission is uncomplicated--to bring you the best guidance available in a concise, easy to understand format. Our inspirational guidebooks are being used by coaches of all sports and at every level all across the country. Our print publications are published on-demand. This greatly increases our efficiency in meeting the demands of our customers. It has also allowed us to focus more on the creation process instead of the printing and fulfillment. This ensures that we are able to continue to produce high quality products. Look for many more exciting new products to become available in the very near future. It is our hope that our all of current and future guidebooks, newsletters and reports wil