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Game Changing: Change The Way You Look At Things & The Things You Look At Will Change

Check out Dan Spainhour's new weekly journal, Game Changing . Magnificent Mondays Your life is either growing and expanding or it is decaying. This weekly journal is designed to help its readers see the value in evolving through life. Every Magnificent Monday, there will be a new post with ideas that could change your life.  Each week, information will unfold from a fresh, new evolving approach around a topic designed to change the way you look at things.   We'd love to have you join the team! 

Actually, Winners Do Quit

  Listen to Dan Spainhour discuss some of the things winners actually quit. 

In the June 2022 issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal--The Impact of Bill Self's dad on his leadership

National Champion Coach Bill Self and his late dad My name is  Dan Spainhour  and in 2011, my 30th year in athletics, I started The Coaching & Leadership Journal. The basic premise behind my journal is that we are drowning in a never-ending stream of information and updates and it’s getting harder and harder to separate the noise from the useful information. As the quantity of information grows by the hour, leaders need means and approaches to make sense of it all. That’s where our Journal comes in. Each issue invokes my judgment, knowledge, and experience to determine what is valuable to our readers. We scour the internet and print publications for leadership and coaching commentary and cut it down to size saving you valuable time but still giving you the information, you need to stay ahead of your competition. Here is some of what you will find in our June 2022 issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal: ▪ Life lessons from an old school dad ▪ Leadership tips from the late Spar

In This Month's Issue--Paul McCartney in His Own Words

Along with Sir Paul you will also find much more in the June 2022 issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal including: Life lessons from an old school dad Leadership tips from the late Sparky Anderson Bill Self’s late dad’s impact A champion who doesn't focus on championships Leadership profile—Kim Ng, general manager of the Miami Marlins Comparison risks The backfire effect Where is the NIL headed? Coaching corner—Thomas Tuchel, Head coach of soccer club Chelsea Lessons in communication from Elon Musk Leaving a legacy And More! See why top professionals in athletics and education subscribe to our monthly journal. Subscribe today! Monthly and Yearly subscriptions are available, and you can cancel at any time. The Coaching and Leadership Journal Subscription Options:  Print--includes both the print and digital editions mailed to you each month. Yearly $149 Monthly--$15 Digital only Yearly $79 Monthly $6.99 Download a sample issue Visit The Leadership Publishing Team for More Info